Double Surface Phototherapy

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Double Surface Phototherapy Unit LED are made of Mild Steel Epoxy Powder Coated. Double Surface Phototherapy Unit is used by new born baby to cure Jaundice. Jaundice can pose a serious problem because of high level of billirubin which can permanently damage the brain.

  • Phototherapy with bright super flux LED-based unit and 15 brights LED lamps specially made for phototherapy treatment.
  • LED lifetime is almost 25 times more life than any other conventional phototherapy lamp, fifty thousand burning hours.
  • LED driver energy-saving specially made SMPS electronic driver.
  • Treatment maximum irradiance at skin level.
  • Inbuilt Digital timer for Total lamp usage and patient exposure.
  • The light intensity is constant for 20,000 hours—ensuring that the treatment of jaundice is effective.
  • LED PT delivers blue light with a peak intensity at 455 nm. There is no unwanted UV and IR radiation on the baby.

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